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Whole House Prefilter with Transparent Housing and Brass Lid

Key Features

Pre-filter PRF-01 with transparent housing and brass lid, more durable

Best Pre- filter for apartment, household, etc.

High filtration precision

Self-cleaning function, washable

Simple structure and easy operation

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Product Details

Model No.: PRF-02

Whole house prefilter with transparent housing and brass lid



Best Pre- filter for apartment, household, etc. It can solve the problem of secondary pollution in city water pipeline network and turbidity of water in rural area.

High filtration precision, block sand, silt and rust particles. Protect pipelines in apartment and house.

Self-cleaning function. Open the drain valve to flush away impurities on the surface of metal net.

Heavy-duty design makes pre-filter strong enough in daily use. Transparent housing enables users to observe the changes of filter cartridge inside.

Easy installation and maintenance

Energy saving, no need of electricity, Economical.


Packing Details

480*460*340mm/20pcs, GW: 1.5kgs/pc; 7460 units/20’FCL, 18120 units/40’HQ




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